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 Your paint is washed, bugs and tar removed, hand clayed (to deep clean for that slippery finish), swirl free polished and waxed with a polymer paint sealant.,  Seats, carpet, floormats are pre-soil treated and cleaned with hot water extractor. All panels are scubbed clean, leather is cleaned and dressed. A/C Vents, buttons knobs and all crannies are cleaned with brushes and q-tips.
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*Engine compartment is degreased and pressure washed with 2500 PSI water. Plastic and rubber is then dressed for protection (top side only, see note below!). Underside of hood, top side of wheel housing, cowl area is cleaned to look as close to new as possible!

*Warning!: Athough we take precautions, there is a risk of moisture damage to electrical parts in engine compartment.  Some Engine details may require a waiver from the vehicle owner to assume any repair resonsibility.


Tires, wheels, fender lips and wheel wells are cleaned and dressed for that factory showroom look!

*Extremely neglected vehicles: results maty vary.


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